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 Our experienced drainlayers and technicians can provide a variety of services from subdivisional drainage, water renewals, PE pipe welding, tank installation & servicing, waste water expertise, soakage field installation and design and Fiberglass pipe installation.  We can provide a variety of plant & equipment to carry out most tasks, these include a variety of excavators,  pressure testing equipment, EF & butt wielders, GPS excavator & much more.

Water pipe instalation.jpg


E and J Contractors provide several services for subdivisions.  

These include: 

- Sanitary Sewer

- Stormwater Reticulation 

- Water Main Welding and Installation (PE & EF)

- Service Ducting 

- Pump Station Design and Installation

- Earthworks 

PE Pipe Wielding & Installation

Electrofusion & Butt Welding is carried out by our licensed team which provides a reliable and strong joining method when dealing with pressurized mains.

Residential & Commercial Drainage

E and J Contractors have a residential drainage crew that carry out:

- Installation of Sewer & Stormwater for Residential Properties 

- Carry out Maintenance and Repair work

- Soak Hole and Soak pit Installation and Designs.

Waste Water installation - Highland Drive .png

Waste Water Treatment, Septic and Water Tank Installation

E and J Contractors can supply and install septic tanks, waste water treatment systems, sewer pump stations and water tanks.


Soak Hole , Soak Trench, Disposal Field Installation & Design


Fiberglass Drainage Installation, Jointing and Fabrication

Onsite disposal of waste water and/ or Stormwater is another service provided by E and J Contractors, which is installed to standards and design.

Fiberglass jointing and installation is a skill provided by E and J Contractors, which provides the ability to install and join fiberglass pipes that can withstand the chemicals and heat found in industrial waste and processes.

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